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AZTECITSERVICE Work with Technologies


  • Flutter By Google: Graphics & interactive content to reach end users on wide variety of devices.
  • Angular: Angular is a platform for building mobile and desktop web applications.
  • React Js: React. js is a Javascript library for creating user interfaces for web app.
  • Ajax Solution: Ajax is use to design and build web pages that are interactive & responsive.
  • Minify & Optimization Solution: It is the process of minimizing code & markup in your web pages & script files.
  • WordPress Solution: It is a open-source content management system written in PHP & paired with database.
  • Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery & CSS: It is front-end framework used to create modern websites and web application.


  • Core PHP: PHP is a programming language used to build dynamic web pages.
  • Laravel: It is Open-source PHP web framework with expressive, elegant syntax.
  • Codeigniter: It is Open-source PHP web framework with simple & elegant toolkit.
  • Node Js: It is an open source server & Node Js uses JavaScript on the server.
  • Dot Net Core: It is an open-source framework for building modern, cloud-enabled, Internet-connected apps.
  • ASP Dot Net: Create a beautiful website and web application using this free web framework named ASP .NET.


  • Android Native: Applications are created for devices running the Android operating system
  • React Native: JavaScript-based mobile app framework that allows to build native-rendered apps
  • Flutter By Google: Free and open-source UI framework for creating native mobile applications
  • iONIC By JavaScript: It is an mobile app development framework targeted at building hybrid mobile apps


  • SQL Server: Collection of tables that store & manage a specific set of structured data.
  • My SQl: MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Oracle.
  • MongoDb: MongoDB is a source-available cross-platform document-oriented database program.
  • MariaDb: MariaDB Server is one of the most popular open source relational databases.
  • SQLite: Self-contained, server-less, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine
  • Firebase: Google-backend application development software that enables developers to develop mobile apps.

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We develop potential website & mobile apps to provide your users with everything they are looking for. Unique features, appealing UI/UX, and smart assistance can help your business in different segments to grab never-ending opportunities.

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What We Do

If you want to elevate your business to the next level of success, whether you want to build a new website from scratch or redesign an old one; whatever sector or business you want your website to be constructed in, you will get web solutions that exceed your expectations regarding of reliability and functionality with the expertise of a professional and experienced team of our certified web developers and designers.

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